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The Funkiest Space In Medway

A Music Rehearsal Room & DJ Studio in the heart of Medway. THE best place to jam, rehearse, learn, practice, write, play and record. 

Open 24hrs

Open all day, every day and night for hire by the hour or block out. With our sublime PA systems and premium equipment we’re confident that your session in our space will be just what you’re looking for. We cater for DJ’s and MC’s to trios, quartets, quintets and sextets, solo musicians, vocalists and tutors that offer music lessons. We can work with you all.


With free parking, full kitchen and bathroom facilities and a really vibey feel, your sessions will be as creative as you can make them. 

Based in the Medway Sound building, we serve the local area and further into Kent and South East London.

Music Room

Our Music Room is treated with soft panelling and rugs along with huge solid ballast boards that diffuse the sound into the room.We also use Ridphonic acoustic curtains, all of which add up to a really warm sounding room.

DJ Studio

The best in class studio with best in class industry standard equipment. Come and practice and record your DJ sets straight to digital formats. No need to journey into London to use other facilities!

Sound System Hire

Premium brand PA systems. Offering quality sound at your events, weddings or small festivals.
Quality audio is a necessity wherever it is required. We can provide sound for events with up to 600 people.

Friendly Service

We pride ourselves on our service. We are always on hand to meet our new clients for the first time to show them through the equipment. Then we leave you to enjoy the facilities, or we can remain on hand to help where you need it.

our creative space

We believe that any creative space has be warm, welcoming, comfortable and designed to vibe!

Size is Important!

With a funky theme and DMX lighting that can change to suit your mood, our music room is approx 6m x 4m, the size of an average stage (180 Sq ft). We can comfortably accommodate up to a 7-piece band using our equipment, but you are more than welcome to bring your own and rehearse, rehearse, REHEARSE!

That club vibe

Our DJ Studio offers a 2k sound system and LED panel lighting in a room filled with sound panels and large backdrop to make your pictures of your sessions stand out. The DJ equipment is serviced regularly and checked daily. The whole studio has a club vibe so that your practice sessions are enhanced for that clubbing feel and sound. 

Additional Equipment

There is always that little extra needed at times, so we have equipment that can be hired for use in our Music Room or DJ Studio for a small session fee.

Music Room
  • Nord Stage 2 Synth
  • Nord Piano 2 Keyboard
  • Zildjan Breakables
DJ Studio
  • Numark record turntable cartridges
  • Ortofon DK MKII cartridges
  • Rane SL3 Serato controller
Medway Sound Music Room Studio in Rochester
Medway Sound LIVE:LAB DJ Studio
Medway Sound Music Room Studio in Rochester

MUSIC ROOM Equipment

The equipment at Medway Sound is a cut above what you would find in your average rehearsal room!

DJ STUDIO Equipment

The equipment in our DJ Studio is what you would find in any premium club or event. We use industry-standard equipment so that you already know how to use it.

Choose Your SESSION

open 24hrs By Appointment!

with a 24 hour lead time, we take online bookings around the clock. you are sure to be able to get a session with us. 
Low Note Session
Our Daily Weekday Sessions
£ 12
Per Hour
  • Week days 11AM-6PM
High Note Session
Our Daily Evening & Weekend Sessions
£ 15
Per Hour
  • Week days 6PM-Midnight
  • Weekends 11AM - Midnight
Ghost Note Session
Our Overnight Sessions
£ 25
Per Hour
  • Midnight - 6AM Every Day

rochester is Where We're At

You can find us in the heart of Medway. Located on Medway City Estate, away from residential properties in a place where we disturb nobody through the night. 

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- Electrovoice ZLX12P PA
- Shure SM58 microphones
- Pearl Forum drum kit
- Hartke VX3500 Bass Combo
- Fender Mustang III Amp
- Mackie 1604 VLZ3 Mixer
- music stands
- Seating for your comfort

- CDJ2000 NXS2 decks

- Technics 1210 DECKS

- DJM900 NXS2 mixer

- JBL EON612 Monitors

Our 2000W PA system is more than enough to deliver those vocals and keys over the roar of drums, guitar and bass amps!

Our 22" kit comprises of a kick drum, floor tom, 13 & 14" rack toms, snare and Mapex saddle throne. 

We also provide stands for a hat, rider and crash along with the kick and hat pedals.

Oor Zildjan Cymbals can be hired for a per session fee of £10 can be hired at a per session cost of £10

3 industry standard microphones will be mounted on Gravity stands (boom and straight) for your use. You are of course welcome to bring your own to plug into our mixer. 

Our bass combo is a 4x10 cab, now with an upgraded 500w amp for that deep, rich bass rumble.

The Fender Mustang III is a loud modelling amp that will give you a range of tones should you wish to experiment in your songs.

An industry stalwart and rock solid piece of kit. 16 channels available for you to plug in your kit and perform to the rich warm sounds that the Mackie preamps provide. 

Need some delay or some reverb to elevate your track? You can with our FX unit that is available via the Aux 1 dial on our mixer.

An assortment of lightweight and solid music stands for your books, tablets and scores!

Help yourselves to seats to take the weight off your feet.